Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Quick Update

I haven't posted since February so thought maybe it was about time for one!

I have a good reason (or two) for disappearing though! 

I found out in May I'm pregnant! :D 

We're due our first baby girl in January and we're both over the moon!

We also bought our first house!
I've been renting for the last four years, so its nice to know that the 'rent' we now pay is actually going towards something!
Moving house while pregnant, with four dogs and a hamster in tow wasn't exactly easy, but we managed it - just!
We've even done some decorating, I plan to do a few posts soon on the nursery and our bedroom, etc, as well as a home decor haul!
I had planned to do some pregnancy blog posts, but as I'm 32 weeks today I think its a bit late to start them lol, though I have kept a pregnancy journal of my week to week symptoms. So I might post them at a later date!

Now, let's see how long it takes me to disappear from the blogging world again! Hopefully this time I last more than two posts lol!

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