Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Haul Post! Home Interiors

We bought this house last July, but because I was pregnant, decorating got put off for a while! The only room that was relatively finished before Rayne arrived was the nursery - which at the moment is the least used room in the house! Typical!

Now that I'm feeling better though, and I'm slightly more organised, I've been sorting out one room at a time, and buying bits here and there.
At the moment our theme for the house is black, grey and teal, however we're considering changing it to black and grey with Marvel and DC features (canvases, cushions etc... We'll see how things go!)

I decided to focus on the living room first, as it probably gets the most use! 
The living room needs new flooring and the walls touched up with paint (again) but so far, this is what I've bought from the start of the new year!

Clockwise from left to right:- 

Louisa Left Hand Corner Chaise Sofa in black from Littlewoods -£499 in the sale
(Currently £1,199)

LACK coffee table in black-brown from Ikea - £16

GURLI throw in grey/black from Ikea - £5.50 (Was £8.50) I bought four of these to protect the sofa from the dogs paws :)

Black Zebra Element Warmer from Scentsy -£25 - words cannot describe how much I love this!

HAMPEN rug in black from Ikea - £30 

I bought some pieces last year too, which I'll show in the room tour post once the room is finished! I'm aiming to have the room finished some time in the next few weeks, but with a baby and four dogs I'm not sure how accurate that guess would be, so we'll see what happens!


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