Sunday, 21 February 2016

Simple Sunday: A Beautiful Bookcase

I love a bit of DIY, so from now on, I think I'm going to attempt at least one thing every Sunday, and blog about it!
I'll keep it simple, as the name suggests, but I'm hoping it'll inspire me to get things done. 
I have a list (yes, another list) as long as my arm of projects that I want to attempt, and a much smaller list of projects I've actually started. Even less of them have been finished.

For today, my project was a bookcase for the nursery, and I'm happy to say I can finally tick it off my list.
Books are so important. Growing up, reading was something I had a real fondness for. As a result, I have read to Rayne and Harli since they were born, and between them the two have a large collection of books - some of which were mine when I was a child. 
I decided they needed somewhere lovely to store them as original bookcase had become too small to contain them all neatly!
All the nursery furniture is white, but I wanted something more original for their bookcase. I browsed Pinterest for ages, and found some beautiful bookcases that had been wallpapered along the back. I loved the idea of a different background peeking through between their books, but I'm far too lazy for wallpaper! That involves paste and allowing time for the paste to dry. 

I have two children 15 months apart, 4 dogs, and I am not an organised individual. Time is definitely not something I have :P
So, I searched for something quick instead, and found my saviour in d-c-fix® Sticky Back Plastic. It's literally what it sounds like, a self-adhesive vinyl that sticks down just like that. And if like me, you don't always stick things down right the first time, it does (on certain surfaces) peel off again so you can have another go!
Perfect for what I needed.

We bought an IKEA GERSBY bookcase, which as far as bookcases go, is an exceptionally easy build! We followed the instructions down to the second last step, which was attaching the back of the bookcase with nails.  Then I measured where the shelves would be (so as not to leave any obvious joins in the vinyl), cut the vinyl to fit, and stuck it down, width ways in strips along the back of the bookcase. Then we simply nailed the back onto the bookcase frame, slotted in the shelves again, and attached the bookcase to the wall with the fittings provided. 
And that was it. Literally.

I don't have pictures of during the process as I hadn't planned to blog it, but it turned out so well that I just had to!

I bought my vinyl from Studio, however you can also find it on amazon here .
On Studio I think I paid £3.99 for a roll measuring 2m by 45cm, and I highly recommend it. The pattern is gorgeous, and the photos really don't do it justice.

We plan to paint the girls room again as it still hasn't been painted since we swapped rooms, and when we do I'll do a full room post, with more photos. :)
Let me know what you think, and if you attempt this too please leave photos, or a link to your blog post! I love anything crafty, especially DIYS :)

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