Monday, 28 March 2016

Monday's Musings: My New Hair

Hiya all! 
I'm back, again! It's the start of another week in 2016, and I thought today I'd update my blog with my new hair. Which, now that I think about it, isn't actually new anymore as it's a few weeks old, but sure! It still counts ;)

I did a post on my hair a while back (you'll find it here) on how to go from brown hair to blue hair.
This post won't go into anywhere near as much detail, so if you're looking for specifics, have a read of it, or leave me a comment and I'll get back to you!

Now, for a wee disclaimer. This, this blog post here, is simply what I do. Over the last few years of doing my own hair, I've learnt (rather slowly in some cases) exactly what my hair can take, and what it can't. This includes mixing dyes etc - which my hair finds totally harmless, but that's not to say your hair will! It will most likely be totally fine, but this is just a warning -proceed at your own risk!

I have a habit of collecting lots of half empty dye bottles. Every now and then, I'll throw them all together in a bowl, and slap them on - or, as in this particular case, I'll mix similar shades from different brands and whack them onto my hair in sections. With the help of Barry, my long-suffering other half. Usually the conversation goes along the lines of. "Okay, but don't miss any patches like you did last time."
"I didn't miss any patches! Hold still!"
"You did! Look, you're missing patches again! Do it properly!"

No, he's rather good actually. He hardly ever misses patches, and when he does, they're usually at the back of my head anyway, so nobody sees them (until I'm curling my hair with a mirror to see the back of my head, and burn myself in shock when I discover them, lol).
Everyone needs a Barry. ^__^

Back to the hair.
So, basically, I'd got really, really bored of having platinum hair. With dark roots because with two kids I'm lazy and hair isn't high on my list of priorities when I get some free time. (It's below -sleeping in- and -lying in bed enjoying doing nothing-)
With Barry's assistance, I gathered up all my old dyes, and we set about refreshing my wee bap.
My box of dyes, belonging to such a creative individual such as myself, is laid out just as you'd imagine it would be.

Like so.


When dying my hair, I use a mixture of brands - Crazy Colour, Stargazer, Directions and Bleach are usually the most common culprits. Melded together they, and Barry's helpful hands, took my hair from this

To this.
As you can tell, I rather enjoy a car selfie. All that super natural light does wonders for my skin. As does the occasional instagram filter. #ThankGodForFilters #FilterEverything! 

Of course, I'm the type of person who, once my hair is pretty, makes very little effort to keep it that way lol.
Basically, I let it fade naturally. 
I learnt (rather slowly) that the more I forcefully stripped my hair of the colours, the more damage I did to it. Luckily, now I'm lazy, leaving my hair to fade by itself goes rather well with my "Can't be assed to redye it" train of thought.
I also have learnt over time, that different brands fade at different speeds to other brands, which can actually be quite handy, because the above picture eventually faded to this...

See how yellowy green my roots are? Attractive right? But strangely, I actually think it works.
Add in a little silver shampoo, and some left over blue dye in my conditioner (something which I've also learnt - dye in conditioner equals much less effort on my part to keep the colours!), and it has faded over a few weeks to what I currently have (with the help of another instagram filter, don'tcha know)...
Which is this.
Extra points for the Barry in the photo, Ain't he cute? ^__^

I have no idea what colour I'll be going next. I'm probably going to allow this colour to fade until I need to do my roots again. I usually wait 9 weeks so I've at least an inch and a bit of fresh growth, but Harli's first birthday is in April, so I'll most likely do it before then.
I'm really enjoying seeing how the different dyes fade and meld together though, and I'm open to suggestions for which colours I should try next!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.
Cheers for reading, 
Until next time!

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