Monday, 3 October 2016

Birthday WishList 2016

Another year nearly gone! Hopefully some of the lessons this year have stuck with me!

While I was in the blogging mood I thought I'd get a quick birthday wishlist out! I always mean to do one every year as people say I'm hard to buy for. To be fair, I found it quite difficult to put this list together, but I think that's a good thing, if anything! It means I'm blessed :)  

Birthday WishList 2016

1. Lush Cosmic Gift Set
I absolutely love Lush, and I love space. We're finally getting a new bathroom in, so this would be perfect to use with it! Now all I need is an hour to myself to relax in the bath- I can dream...

2. Anchor Roo Abrook Vintage Print on Upcycled Paper
This is honestly so beautiful. I love old books, I love old paper, and I love nautical art. I could see this on the wall of my caravan <3
Which reminds me, I really do have to do a blog post about her...

3.Blue Ship Roo Abrook Vintage Print on Upcycled Paper
OH MY. <3 I love this. Ships are always something I've been fascinated by, and this artwork is just stunning. Not to mention the paper used is from between the 1850s to 1950!
Another one for me to admire on the caravan walls :)

4. Trigger Torch
This torch is charged by squeezing a pop-out trigger, so eco-friendly and perfect for me as it doesn't need batteries! The one thing we could have done with more of while camping, was light - so this really is perfect! And cute!

5. Cork Purse
I haven't used a purse in nearly six months now, and keep losing my cards, so not only would this be handy but I imagine it would be quite resilient as well! I quite like how simple it looks.

6. Unicef Vitamin Sprinkles For Two Toddlers For A Whole Year
Of all the things on my list, this really is number one in my head, and I'll most likely end up buying it myself.
I am constantly reminded of how lucky myself and my family are in life. My daughters want for nothing, while there are children still in the world without basic food or healthcare. That breaks my heart.
For Mother's Day last year Barry bought me a gift with Unicef, to help towards the children of Syria, and I sponsor Unicef monthly from Rayne and Harli. They really are a fantastic charity that do an amazing amount of work, so a birthday gift to them would be amazing.

7. Ceramic House Tealight Holder
I am loving Hobbycraft recently, and as soon as I saw this I fell in love! I now have a mantle piece, and two of these would be so cute at either end of it! Little amuses the simple, I know, but seriously. They are beautiful!

If anyone has any ideas of anything they think I'd like, feel free to comment! I could always do with some new ideas, and you know how much I love making lists...
That's all for now,
Ciao x

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