Thursday, 6 October 2016

Hello October...a few days late!

It's already October, and I genuinely can't believe it! So much has happened in the last year, it really seems to have flown in.

I have always loved October. In fact, the autumn and winter months are my favorite.
I especially love autumn walks. We often take the girls and the dogs to Hillsborough Lake, and although it's lovely in the summer, it's a different place when the leaves begin to fall. It's magical.

These photos were from March of this year, and even then you can see how beautiful the place is.
Rayne loves Hillsborough - especially the leaf piles!
Her and Doggy enjoy conquering the different hills, and she hasn't failed to reach the top of one yet!

Now that it's October, it means we are getting married NEXT MONTH. 
That is so scary and awesome all at the same time, but I am excited!
Planning a wedding really wasn't like what I imagined, but I have learnt so much about myself during this experience.

It turns out that I can actually be organised! Okay, I'll probably never have perfect organisational skills, but I am getting better! I'm actually more on track with the wedding than I expected it to be! 
Which is a big relief if I'm honest!

I thought I'd just hit down a wee list of a few things I want to achieve this month, wedding-related and not wedding-related! It can't hurt, right?

1. Finish the wedding snowflakes!
I have about 20 more to go, which doesn't sound like that much, but it actually is when each one takes so long! But I'll get there :)

2. Source favours for the men! 
I recently realised that for couples coming to the wedding, the men probably wouldn't appreciate a Christmas decoration to hang on their tree- especially if their significant other already had the exact same one! So I'm brainstorming - if anyone has any ideas let me know!

3. Organise more family time!
 More Autumn walks, more snuggles, more play! Family time is so important, and with Barry working so much it can sometimes be hard to get all four of us together! Eight, if we're including the dogs, which, let's face it, I totally am! 

4. Start my Pilates again!
Now that I don't have what may as well have been barbed wire in my chest, I can move, and my love of exercise has come back!! I really enjoy Pilates so hopefully I can find the time to get some done before November!

5. Make my brooch bouquet - and blog about it!
I promise I will do this... Eventually!

6. Learn to love myself again.
Recently I've been going through an identity crisis. I have just felt so detached from myself, which is probably surprising as I'm always advocating for self-love!! Self-love is honestly so important, so this month I'll be focusing on my positives! I think with everything I'm maybe just feeling burnt out, so hopefully this month I'll be able to relax a bit more!

A short list, but big enough!
Wish me luck!! 
Sarah X 

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