Monday, 3 October 2016

Spearfishing. In Northern Ireland?! Say what?

While I'm in blogging mode, I thought I'd post a wee update.
Just a brief one, because, let's face it, I'm lazy!

Earlier this year, Barry and I had been discussing our future and where we wanted the girls to grow up.
I spent a lot of my early childhood living beside the sea, and the idea of the girls growing up beside it really appealed to us.
As a family, we regularly visit the coast, and really do cherish our time there.
We also discussed how we wanted to spend more of our time, as a family and as a couple. The last three years have been extremely hectic (a house move, two kids 15 months apart and 4 dogs to juggle gets busy!) and neither of us had really gotten time to focus on each other, as a couple and as individuals. So we made a promise to invest in each other this year, and pursue different hobbies and experiences.
For Barry, that meant spearfishing.
You know. As in fishing, only with a spear.
Fine if we lived somewhere nice and warm.  Like Hawaii.
But we don't.
We live in Northern Ireland. And the Irish Sea doesn't always look inviting. You know, ever.
Nice for a brisk walk along the beach, bundled up in about four jackets. Not exactly the sort of sea you'd want to jump into.

When he first told me about it, I thought it was just a phase. I was convinced that such a dangerous (or so I thought) sport surely wouldn't catch his attention for long.
But the more that we BOTH learnt about it, the more interested we became, and it has become a fully established hobby.
Don't get me wrong, I don't shoot fish.
However, I do snorkel.
As it turns out, the Irish Coast is not only extremely inviting (on a good day, anyway) but is also absolutely beautiful. I have swam alongside SCHOOLS of fish, explored what felt like fields of kelp, and sang Under The Sea, while underwater. I literally felt like Ariel. If Ariel had blue hair, legs, swam with a 7mm wetsuit on and two pairs of wetsuit socks (which still don't stop my feet getting cold!).
But you know. Other than all of that, we're pretty much the same. Ahem.
See? Practically Ariel's twin. 

As for Barry, he took to spearfishing like he takes to everything else. With a determination I have only ever seen in him - and our daughters.

He's been at it now for a few months, and as you can see, he's pretty damn successful at it.

Another person who has taken to the water with the same determination and excitement as her old man, is Rayne.
Rayne was so determined to follow Barry into the water (no matter how cold it was) on our many trips to the coast, that we decided to treat her to her very own wetsuit.
She LOVED it.
Now let me reiterate how damn cold the waters over here are.
Even wearing a 7mm suit, I am FREEZING when I get out. So for a two year old to have the determination to get as far out as possible in just a bathing suit astounded me, because that water is not pleasant on your bare skin.
We plan to get her a snorkel next!

And Harli? She's much more content collecting driftwood and seaglass on the shore with her Mama.
And running about the beach in a dressing gown because her coat got splashed and the only other thing I had in the car was a dressing gown from her Grammy lol.
I really do suck at this parenting thing, don't I?
One day I'll be organised! One day!
Spot Barry and Rayne in the water to the left of Harli's head!

If you're interested in seeing some videos of Barry and his spearfishing (or Barry in his wetsuit, haha), he has a Youtube account here.
And if anyone can recommend a decent action camera for better quality vids of us in the water, feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks again for reading :)

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