Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Crafty Cam-B

Just a heads up this will be a picture-heavy post!
So, this summer, we finally bought a caravan.

I found her on Gumtree, and instantly fell in love.
She's a 1978 Topaz Eccles S 4 berth, which makes her nearly 39 years old!
She was in relatively okay nick when we got her home but there was still a lot of work to do.
I had planned to completely restore her, however a good bit of her original wood work had already been painted, and she no longer had the original 1978 seat cushions, so I ended up scrapping that idea and went with what came to me. The previous owner had also put in new curtains that were a sea-green shade, and as we were planning to use her mainly to visit the coast, blue and pale colours became my main inspiration. She's still not finished yet but she's come a long, long way.

This was when we first brought her home, with Harli checking her out. I was so glad she fitted in her driveway, however I'm not even going to try and explain the nerves I felt while she was being reversed into it! Our street is quite a tight street at the best of times and our driveway has a weird slope to it, so it was difficult!

This was during painting. We were idiots and didn't masking tape the window seal. I don't know why.
The original lights in both corners don't work, however, I found an alternative light source. The push lights from Ikea that stick up are fantastic, and I put them all along the bottom of the shelf!

This is looking towards the 'toilet' which is a room with a sink and a window that never closes, and nothing else! In 1978 caravans didn't have fitted toilets, and although our caravan did come with a portable, we got rid of it. More on why later.

Finally looking a bit better! I cannot sew very well at all, so we bought a few throws from Ikea to cover the seat cushions! I do plan on eventually sewing proper covers, but that will have to wait until after the wedding.

My favourite feature of the caravan right now, has to be the table.
I cleaned it, Barry fixed it after I broke it (oops!), and I recovered it using the same sticky back vinyl that I'd used on the nursery bookcase (blogpost discussing the vinyl and where to buy it here).
I cannot put into words how much I love this table.
Honestly, it really does make the caravan.
While the Cam-B is stationary on the driveway, I use her as a craft room to make my snowflakes, so she regularly features on my instagram. Below are a small collection of the brooches I have for my brooch bouquet, and another of me making one of the wedding snowflakes (I posted about them here).
As you can see, the table covering looks amazing.

I know, I know, I'm biased. But it really does.

She really isn't finished yet, but we did manage to get away in hee this year (upcoming blog post about that) which is amazing consider how unorganised we usually are.
I think after this year however, except for short local trips, we're planning to retire her to a garden room, as she does need a lot more work. Her a-frame could do with being spruced up a bit, and she has all her original windows - which unfortunately all need replaced. She could also do with new flooring and a patch or two of damp being sorted. None of them are huge issues, but replacing the windows would cost more than she cost to buy, not to mention the rest of the stuff, so it'll be a while before we get around to it.
And because she has so much history, I want to take decent care of her. The person we bought her off told us the owner's before them had owned her since new, and had taken her all around France with their children in the 80s.
I haven't even been to France and my caravan has! I just think its amazing that considering the age of her and how far she's been, shes still in relatively one piece!
She really has inspired a love of old caravans in me, so much so that I joined The Retro Caravan Club (their website is here). It's a fab wee club and a great source of information with regards to retro vans, they helped me accurately date her and are an extremely friendly bunch!

As for her name, Rayne couldn't pronounce Caravan, or Camping, so the Caravan became The Cam-B.
We did briefly consider naming her Shelby, but I'm still on the fence about whether the name fits.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them!

I plan to post an update with more photos, however knowing me it could be a while!
It should be sometime in the near future though.
Thanks for reading,
Sarah x


  1. Your carvan is looking well Sarah. And that table.. I need myself one of those! I love it. I didn't know that Rayne had named the carvan - The Cam-B.. I had been wondering why you called it that. How cute though? So unique, and definitely a story for when she's older. xx

    1. HIya Stacie :) aye thats how she got her name! Thankyou, we love it she's awesome! xo