Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Mr and Mrs Lundy!

So, we did it! We got married!!

Look at us! The day was fantastic, and considering it was November in Northern Ireland, it was a miracle it didn't rain!
This post doesn't really have much to say, I don't have many photos yet but I will provide a link to our amazing photographer, Luke! You can find his facebook here.
Of all the things I'd chosen for the wedding day, choosing Luke to take our photos was probably the only decision I made 100% and didn't change my mind once. 
I absolutely adore photography, and if I didn't have two kids and four dogs I might have followed it somewhere further than my A-levels. As things ended up, I never did, so I just dabble, but I've never forgotten what it feels like to see a photo and think "That literally couldn't be a better shot."
Luke's photos make me think that. He was the photographer at my brother's wedding, and I fell in love with how natural the photos he captured were. No awkward standing poses, no lulls in atmosphere. Every photo was a perfect snapshot into how the day and night felt, and that made it for me.
Not only that, but he is a genuinely awesome guy - who gets on with kids. A miracle worker, when he managed to tame Rayne on the beach when she was having a moment to compose herself lol.
Somebody who can manage to do that and gather everyone together is a genius. SO! If you're looking some wedding photography (or any photography) I highly recommend Luke.

And no, for those of you wondering, this is not an advert and I am not getting paid to write it lol

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