Friday, 2 December 2016

Christmas Ethics...Something to Think About

Christmas is such a busy, often expensive time. 
Usually at this time of year, I'd be out rushing about buying present upon present, and trying to make up for a disastrous Christmas a few years ago that was not only devastating but extremely stressful.

I could barely afford food, let alone presents for everyone, and I was filled with an awful sense of guilt - and shame.
I'm filled with a rather different sense of shame now.

In the last few years I have been much more secure - both financially and emotionally, but this is the first Christmas I have actually considered everything properly before I've bought it. Where it came from, who made it, is it sustainable? 
Is it really worth it?

What kind of impact will it have afterwards? 

At Christmas we become so wrapped up in gift giving and buying that we sometimes forget - everything has an impact. 
Positive or negative, everything we buy affects someone else.
 I have been shocked and horrified to find that some of my favourite shops lack some serious morals when it comes to manufacturing.

This year I'm making a conscious effort to buy sustainable items from companies that give a fair wage to those who make them, and that have a positive effect on the lives of other people. 
This year, even if we all do this for just ONE gift, think of the massive difference we would make.

It's such an easy change but it has made a massive difference in how I look at everything before I purchase it.

For a start, what I have purchased so far, I've found to be of much better quality. Not only are most of the items handmade by individuals, so each item is properly focused on by the creator, but I've found that less really isn't less.
Less to unwrap this Christmas will NOT be a bad thing. 

Over the next few weeks, I plan to upload a few posts with a few ideas on ethical gift giving! If there's anything you could add, feel free to leave a comment :)
As always, thanks for reading! 

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