Thursday, 30 March 2017

Dogs and Babies...

Due to recent events involving my Silhouette Cameo, I'm not able to work tonight, so I thought I'd put the time to good use, and blog for a bit.
I would have chosen sleep, but in my stressed out state earlier I was downing coffee like I used to down vodka shots... I'll be buzzing for a while.

Today, I thought I'd write about our dogs, and children.
That's always a touchy subject. Dogs and babies.
There's always one person who thinks dogs shouldn't be near children.

I partly
I have four dogs, who I love dearly. And I have two daughters, who are my world.

When I first fell pregnant, there were a lot of people who voiced concerns that keeping my dogs was a good idea.
Let me be 110% clear here, for anyone who isn't sure. I will NEVER, EVER give up my dogs. I didn't get them because I didn't have children.
It wasn't actually even my choice to end up with four dogs. Long story, and not that interesting, but the bottom line is, now I have them and I love them. And they're FAMILY.

So it never occurred to me to get rid of my dogs when I fell pregnant, and if I'm really honest, I was disappointed that people assumed I would. I thought people knew me better than that.

There were some unkind comments regarding whether I'd cope with a baby and four dogs. And here I am, more than 3 years later with two daughters 15 months apart and all four of my dogs, coping just fine.
Okay, I'll admit, sometimes I don't brush my hair enough. And my house is generally untidy. And I will forever and ever be covered in dog hair.
But I'm happy. We're happy. I believe that for all the downsides having four dogs brings - and there ARE downsides - the positives vastly outweigh them.

So why do I partly agree with the idea that dogs shouldn't be near children?
I don't agree that dogs are dangerous, but I do agree that they have the potential to be. 
Because dogs are dogs.
 They're descendants of wild animals (however domesticated we think we have made them), and bottom line is, dogs can do damage.
Unfortunately, so can people.

I trust my dogs around my kids, as much as I trust my kids around my dogs.
I don't leave them alone, because why risk it?
 But they all understand boundaries, and in our case I am very lucky that our dogs adapted so well to our children. Not only did they adapt to cope, but they genuinely enjoy the girls' company. And that to me is special.

I feel like growing up with four dogs will hopefully give both Rayne and Harli some wonderful memories, and an early understanding of compassion and fairness. The girls know if the dogs get up and walk away, they're not allowed to harass them. The dogs know they have the option of doing that instead, when they've 'had enough'.
The girls understand that our dogs have feelings, just like we do, and they need to be respected as beings too. They're not 'just animals' to the girls, and I feel like this will massively benefit them in the long run.

I took these photos today of Rayne and Simba. He's alert, he's happy and he's comfortable. Rayne enjoyed minding her baby, tucking him in and talking away to him.
Simba,being Simba enjoyed a belly rub and any and all attention sent his way.

The memories that they make together are a massive bonus.
 My children are growing up to see our dogs as part of the family.
 Whether people agree with that or not isn't really my problem.
I think it's a good thing.

And anyway. Doggy snuggles are one of the best kinds. Who wouldn't want to share them?? ;)

Feel free to share comments of your furbabies/babies below!
Photos always cheer me up :)

Until next time,

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