Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Future... and where we're headed.

When I first started this blog, away back in 2013, I had this ridiculous notion that it would be a beauty blog...
Not that there's anything wrong with beauty blogs - I LOVE reading them! But beauty is such a small (and often neglected) part of my life, that writing about it long term was never going to be practical.
The last four years have massively changed me as a person. For a start, I now have two daughters, so I kissed 'free time' goodbye, a long time ago lol.
I think this blog is just going to turn into my own personal think-space! I've recently started planning, and have been developing my own business so the two will go hand in hand - hopefully!

It'll also be a chance for me to record some of our memories, and my current thoughts on different situations.
Like, for example - dogs and babies... 

The more time I spend with myself (and lately, that's a lot) the more time I have to think about what kind of life I want to share with Barry and our children. Together, we've already decided that traditional town living isn't for us.
Hopefully, we won't be stuck in town for much longer! 

We definitely prefer being out in the open...

So, I think this is a heads up that if you followed this blog with the expectation that it would be a beauty blog, it's most likely not going to be... sorry!

Instead it's going to be a mixture of daily blogs, living green blog posts, parenting (or in my case, failing at parenting) and other random stuff most likely in no way associated with beauty....

Thanks for reading!
Sarah x

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